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Product of The Week – 03/11/13 – 03/18/13 – Tetric Evoceram by Ivoclar Vivadent

DC Dental POW

Tetric Evoceram

The Item:
2 Deals for 1 Week featuring EvoCeram by Ivoclar Vivadent!

Deal #1

Tetric EvoCeram

A top-quality nano-hybrid composite for use in the anterior or posterior. One of the most popular nano-hybrid composites, EvoCeram has been placed in 85,000,000 restorations worldwide.

Deal #2

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill

THE fast posterior composite, winner of Top Composite 2013 from Dental Advisor Magazine

The Deal:
Buy 3 of EvoCeram or EvoCeram Bulk Fill and Get 1 of same delivery (Cavifil or Syringe) Free!                Mix/Match Shades OK
The Breakdown:
Cavifils Refill: $71.95 20/Bx $53.96 Net Price!
Syringes: $53.95 3Gm/Syr $40.46 Net Price!

EvoCeram Bulk Fill
Cavifil: $67.95 20/Bx $50.96 Net Price!
Syringe: $50.95 3Gm/Syr $38.21 Net Price!

The Links:
Product Information:

EvoCeram Bulk Fill

For Purchase:

Tetric EvoCeram Cavifils & Syringes

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill

The Video:
Ivoclar-Vivadent produces impressive product videos. The EvoCeram is a clinical case but the Bulk Fill is pretty cool.

Bonus Bulk Fill video can be found in the link above (club-like thumping bass included). Check these out.


EvoCeram Bulk Fill

Points to Know:                                                                

Why should you be interested?


  • Economical, high-end nano composite that’s an excellent go-to composite
  • Long working time and short cure time
  • Considering the deal, this is an excellent sub for TPH!! 
  • Dental Advisor 5-Star rating on its Five Year Clinical Performance report

EvoCeram Bulk Fill

  • So easy! Allows for 1 material, 1 filling in 1 increment in the posterior
  • 4mm thick layers can be filled in 10 seconds
  • 3 shades with excellent shade adaptation
  • Very low shrinkage
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Product of The Week – G-aenial Bond – By GC America

DC Dental POW

The Item:
G-aenial Bond – By GC America – A 7th-Generation, one-bottle, self-etch bond that’s easy to apply and doesn’t require refrigeration. Boasts highest bond strengths to enamel over all leading one and two-step bonding agents.

The Deal:
Buy 2- 5ml Bottle Refills (677-004220) Get 1 Free!

The Breakdown:
677-004220 is $102.85 each with a Net Price of $68.56 each bottle or $13.71 per ml/$0.22 per application (based on 300 applications). With the deal, it’s the lowest price you’ll find on 7th-Gen bonding…period.

The Link:

The Video:
G-Aenial Bond is used as the bonding agent in the video below. This is a full class I composite restoration and the bonding step can be found between the 2:40 and 3:20 minute marks.

Bonus Video:

Points to Know:

  • One-step; same strength as multiple-step bonds with less confusion. Speeds up the restoration – less chair time, happier patients. Eliminates sensitivity – happier patients. Also, with the deal, it’s the most economical one-step bond on the market.
  • Can be used to self-etch both enamel and dentin oretch/rinse/bond – if that’s the doctor’s thing
  • Works in moist or dry field
  • 30 seconds from application to finish
  • Economical 300-dropper bottle helps prevent evaporation
  • Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice and 5 Star rating – 2012

Buy it here now! While supplies last!

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Daniel Dadusc, one of our top sales reps, makes the news by helping GKTW!

Reposted from ‘Give Kids The World Blog’

Wish Father Helps Sweeten The Village

by ALEX HARNEY on JANUARY 28, 2013



The weekly Halloween celebration at the Give Kids The World Village gives wish children and families the opportunity to participate in traditional festivities like dressing up in fun costumes, playing games and trick-or-treating.  After all, collecting an assortment of delicious candy is what kids look forward to the most during this special holiday. Each week, these tasty treats put smiles on the faces of wish children while satisfying their sweet tooth.


Daniel Dadusc, father of an alumni wish child, saw an opportunity to support the Village all the way from Ohio. Dadusc works for DC Dental, a dental supply company. During his work travels he learned of Dental Associates of Connecticut’s Candy Buy-Back program. The Candy Buy Back program allows children to trade in their Halloween candy for cash. This tremendous effort to promote dental health results in several hundred pounds of candy being collected and donated.

The Dadusc family’s wish trip to the Village was an incredibly positive experience, and after learning about the candy buy-back program, Daniel knew exactly how he could help create another incredible experience for the next wish family.  Compelled to make a difference in the life of a child, Daniel contacted Dental Associates to see if they would join him on his mission to help GKTW.

After learning about GKTW, the amazing employees at Dental Associates were eager to help.  Thanks to their hard work and Daniels determination, the Village received 230 pounds of candy.  This sweet donation allows the Village to continue the Halloween celebration each and every Monday.


This Monday was no exception.  As princesses, goblins and ghouls arrived on the Avenue of Angels, volunteers were prepped and ready for the trick-or-treaters.    Delicious treats were shared by all as the night came to an end.

Thank you to Daniel Dadusc, DC Dental and Dental Associates of Connecticut for helping us sweeten the Village.

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Tooth Staining Main Causes

Tooth-Staining b4 & after

Re-posted from – Dental Health Magazine

Tooth Staining Main Causes

Diet, certain foods or prescription medications are the main causes of tooth staining. In many cases discoloration of the teeth can have genetic causes too. The American Dental Association lists plenty of general causes for tooth staining, so keep reading to find out about these.

Teeth can become quite dull after extensive use of some over the counter or prescription medications. Antibiotics especially such as Minocycline can easily transform a beautiful set of white teeth into yellow/brownish teeth.

In children, this antibiotic makes the teeth yellowish, while in adults the teeth can become with a blue or gray tint. Tooth discoloration can also be caused by antihistamines (allergy medications).

An expert dentist is the best professional to let you know whether a certain type of medication you are taking affects your teeth and stains them. Also, before having dental work done such as white fillings or getting porcelain veneers or crowns make sure to inform your dentist about any medication that you are currently taking.

Certain drinks

Red wine, green/black tea, or coffee are all drinks that can easily cause tooth staining. Then, even some other drinks about which you would never think they could cause problems can actually stain the teeth.

These include sodas, fruit juices (carrot juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, etc.) or even beer. If you want to protect your front teeth from staining, you should definitely start using a straw when consuming these fruit juices and sodas that can cause tooth staining.

Another important tip is to rinse your mouth with water every time after consuming these types of staining drinks, This way, you will not allow the staining agents to stick to your teeth and cause problems.

Tooth staining foods

These include cranberries, cherries, blueberries or the excessive consumption of soy sauce. These foods are healthy, so you should not avoid eating them. Instead, try to brush your teeth properly after consuming these foods to avoid tooth staining.

Aging and the genetic factors

Aging is a natural process, and teeth will also age the same naturally. The enamel layer becomes thinner, exposing more of the dentin, and thus brown or yellow dentin might show through. Genetics is also highly important, as some people will have teeth with a much stronger and whiter enamel than others.

Accidental damages and tooth staining

If you accidentally crack a tooth, that tooth will become more susceptible to collecting food particles and debris which will stain your teeth. This is why it is important to go to the dentist for a checkup even if you do not feel any pain after an accident.

He will check up your teeth closely and suggest possibly needed dental work to stay away from tooth staining in the future or other complications.

Improper oral hygiene

People who do not brush and floss their teeth regularly, will notice a change in the overall color of the teeth. Even the dentist can immediately tell if you haven’t been brushing your teeth.

Brushing only before the appointment will not make any difference, because the skilled dentist can spot instantly that you are brushing  your teeth only occasionally.

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Gingivitis Bacteria Manipulate Your Immune System So They Can Thrive in Your Gums

gingivitis bacteria

Science News

Smile: Gingivitis Bacteria Manipulate Your Immune System So They Can Thrive in Your Gums
Jan. 3, 2013

— A new research report published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology shows how the bacteria known for causing gum disease–Porphyromonas gingivalis–manipulates the body’s immune system to disable normal processes that would otherwise destroy it. Specifically, the report shows that this pathogen prompts the production of the anti-inflammatory molecule Interleukin-10 (IL-10). This, in turn, inhibits the function of T-cells, which would otherwise help to protect the host from this particular microbial infection.
“Since greater than 50 percent of the U.S. population over 50 years-of-age develop adult periodontal disease, we hope that the results of our study will ultimately help in the development of novel treatments that could prevent or ameliorate the chronic infection caused by the pathogen P. gingivalis,'” said Jannet Katz, D.D.S., Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work from the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
To make this discovery, scientists used cells from mice that were exposed to P. gingivalis. One portion of the cells was treated with an inhibiting antibody against IL-10 and the other portion of cells was not treated. All of the cells were then tested for interferon gamma production. An increase of interferon gamma production was seen in the treated cells, but no increase was found in the untreated cells. These findings suggest that the damage done by P. gingivalis happens when the immune cells of the host are first exposed to this pathogen, and further implies that for treatment to be successful, it must be started as early as possible. This study highlights the mechanism by which P. gingivalis can establish a chronic infection in the form of periodontal disease and provides insight into how the disease develops. Results also demonstrate the importance of very early intervention either by eradication of the bacterium with specifically designed therapeutics or by prevention via the development of an effective vaccine.
“Gum diseases and the infections that cause them can be incredibly stubborn and difficult to treat,” said John Wherry, Ph.D., Deputy Editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. “What isn’t as well known is why these infections are so difficult to eradicate. These new studies now demonstrate that these bacteria go beyond merely evading our body’s defenses and actually manipulate our immune systems for their own survival.”

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People Lack Knowledge About Link Between Oral Cancer, Sexual Health

People Lack Knowledge About Link Between Oral Cancer, Sexual Health.

People don’t know enough about the link between oral cancer and sexual health, according to various studies.

The general awareness about sexually transmitted infections has risen in recent years but most people still don’t know that the human papilloma virus can cause oral cancer. HPV is a common infection that may be spread through unprotected sex.

Research has shown that HPV may become a larger reason for people developing oral cancer in the years to come. It could even rival smoking as a risk factor for oral cancer. Oral cancer cases have increased dramatically and one of the reasons is the lack of awareness about sexual activity and its impact on oral health.

Recent data suggests that just one in four people could pinpoint HPV as a cause for oral cancer and about half of all people don’t know that HPV can be spread through sexual activity.

In the past, oral cancer was an issue for older people who smoked and drank. Now, however, younger people are being afflicted with oral cancer because of the exposure to HPV. If people are more knowledgeable about the value of contraception, then oral cancer numbers may head back down. That’s why awareness and knowledge are some of the keys for limiting diseases like oral cancer.

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Periodontitis may be Preventable


Porphyromonas gingivalis,  periodontitis causing bacterium

Porphyromonas gingivalis, periodontitis causing bacterium

Periodontitis may be Preventable.

Written by Dentistry Today

Friday, 07 December 2012 21:50

There could be a new method to stop periodontitis.

By blocking a molecular receptor that is usually targeted by bacteria, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have shown the ability to prevent periodontitis in a mouse model. They also demonstrated the ability to stop the progression of the disease once it has already begun developing.

The study appeared in the Journal of Immunology.

Previous research showed that Porphyromonas gingivalis, which is the bacterium that causes periodontitis, basically hijacks a receptor on white blood cells. The receptor, C5aR, is part of the complement system, which is also part of the immune system that aids in fighting infection.

There were several other studies that enabled these researchers to come to their conclusion. These studies confirmed the idea that the C5aR receptor could be successful in curbing all types of periodontitis, not just the form that includes P. gingivalis.

More tests will be conducted on mice and other animals to make sure the results would have the same impact on humans.

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NY Dental Show Specials 11/25/12 ‐ 11/29/12 ONLY!

GNYDM – NY Dental Show Specials

11/25/12 ‐ 11/29/12 ONLY!


Check out some of the best deals of the year from our NY Dental Show Specials!

Many more specials are available – Just call 866-688-6415 ext 507  for more information!

Mention you saw this promo on our blog and receive even greater savings!

                                                                                                                                                               REGULAR PRICE              NET PRICE


  • Septocaine, 1:100 &/Or 1:200, Buy 5 get 1 FREE (Septodont)                                         $39.95                             $33.29
  • Lidocaine, Green or Red, Buy 14 Get 6 Free (Cook‐Waite)                                                 $26.95                              $18.86

Bonding Agents

  • Clearfil SE Protect – Buy 1 Get Panavia SA Cement Free & $25 AMEX Gift Card!     $176.90     $125+ Value Free
  • Clearfil S3 Bond Unidose Value Pack , Buy 2 Get 1 Free + Clearfil DC Core Plus      $259.30                           $172.86
  • Clearfil S3 Bond Unidose , Buy 2 Get 1 Free + Clearfil DC Core Plus                              $139.75                            $93.16
  • Clearfil S3 Bond Bottle , Buy 2 Get 1 Free + Clearfil DC Core Plus                                   $116.45                            $77.63


  • G‐Cem Automix, Any Shade, Buy 2 Get 1 Free (GC America)                                           $126.60                            $84.40
  • Monocem Automix Syringe Any shade (Shofu) Buy 2 Get 1 Free!                                 $95.45                               $63.63


  • Septodont N’Durance Composite, Buy 1 Get 1 A2 Free (Capsules)                                 $64.95                               $32.47
  • Septodont N’Durance Composite, Buy 1 Get 1 A2 Free (Syringe)                                   $59.95                               $29.97
  • Kalore Syringe Any shade, Buy 1 Get 1 Free! (GC America)                                             $83.50                               $41.75


  • Aurelia Transform Nitrile Gloves (200/Bx) Buy 6 Get 4 Free                                         $12.95                                $7.70
  • Aurelia Distinct Latex PF Gloves (100/Bx) Buy 6 Get 4 Free                                           $8.50                                 $5.10
  • BeeSure Latex PF Gloves (100/Bx), Buy 6 Get 4 Free                                                         $7.95                                 $4.77

Impression Materials

  • Impregum F, DISCOUNTED PRICE (3M)                                                                                   $119.95                            $99.95
  • Impregum Penta Med. Body, DISCOUNTED PRICE (3M)                                                   $199.95                           $179.95

Prophy Products

  • Any Denticator or Young Prophy Angles, Buy 2 Get 1 Free                                                Call                                      Call
  • Zooby Prophy Angles, 100 or 500 ct, Buy 2 get 1 Free (Denticator)              $52.50/$249.95    $35.00/$166.63
  • Zooby Prophy Paste, 100ct. Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Denticator)                                              $20.95                             $13.96


  • MI Fluoride Varnish 50ct. Buy 2 Get 1 Free (GC America)                                               $103.95                          $69.30
  • Duraflor Halo Varnish 32ct. Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Medicom)                                                  $56.95                            $37.96
  • Enamel Pro Varnish 35ct/200ct. Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Premier)                             $61.95/$309.95   $41.30/$206.63


  • Kodak Intraoral Film, IP‐21, IP‐22, DF‐58 and DF‐57, Buy 8 Get 2 Free                   Call                                        Call
  • Kodak Extraoral Film, TMG‐1, TMG‐5 and TMG‐15, Buy 3 Get 1 Free                          Call                                        Call
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2012 tax benefits for dental practices expiring soon!

2012 Tax Benefits for Dental Practices Expiring Soon!

The Section 179 Deduction

You and your tax adviser should discuss the details but we wanted to make sure you were aware of two extremely valuable tax benefits that are expiring soon.
For qualifying dental equipment and practice software put into service in 2012, the US tax code currently allows for substantial deductions that are available to businesses.
In summary:
The Section 179 deduction may allow your business to depreciate the full purchase price of dental equipment and practice software you acquire this year – up to $139,000 in deductions!
The 50% Bonus Depreciation deduction could help reduce 2012 tax liability by many thousands more depending on the dollar amount your business spends.
The Section 179 deduction is scheduled to be reduced to $25,000 and the 50% Bonus Depreciation deduction is set to expire altogether in 2013.
If your budget is tight and you want to take advantage of these tax benefits while they are available in 2012, we can help you acquire the assets now by spreading your payments out over time. Our financial partners have several different payment solutions that we can utilize.
Give us a call @ 866-688-6415 ext 507 to discuss this opportunity further and we can build a solution for your needs.

Dealon Dental – Giving Dentists a Reason to Smile!

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Introducing LeaderLight LED Light for Loupes or Eyeglasses!


LeaderLight LED Light for Loupes or Eyeglasses

This feather light LED light attaches to any loupe or eyeglasses and minimizes the need to adjust overhead lighting and aids immensely in providing adequate light, especially in the posterior!

– LED light is perfect not only for the doctor but for hygiene as well
– Extremely lightweight and durable – the LED weighs 6.1g (a nickel weighs 5g.) & Battery Pack weighs 98g – – Fully adjustable brightness with analog dial
– 8 hour battery – all day power – with battery level indicator to easily tell when battery is full, ¾, empty, etc. Battery clips onto belt and does not get in the way.
– Worry free – 2 year warranty on light, 1 year on battery
– Worry Free Trial Period with 90 day money back guarantee
– Free shipping back and forth on any warranty claim

For more info or to check out the testimonials please see:

LeaderLights have custom mounting brackets to fit the most common brands of loupes including Orascoptic, Q-Optics, Designs for Vision, Surgitel, and Sheervision. They’re the same brackets those companies use. Most frames require a simple screw-in design but some require special brackets that fit over the nose-bridge of the frames. Our brackets are made out of aluminum to make them tougher.
Please call 866-688-6415 ext 507 for help on selecting the bracket that best fits your loupe.

Now on sale for a very limited time!
MSRP: $1169.99

Now On Sale For: $599.00 !!

Check it out here!

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