Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | March 31, 2014

Orabloc Articaine by Pierrel Pharma

Orabloc Articaine by Pierrel Pharma

The ultra-high value Articaine. Longer shelf life, safer packaging and a lower price!











Did you know Orabloc was endorsed with a 94% rating by Gordon Christensen’s CR Report?

Orabloc is Pierrel Pharma’s name for the anesthetic “Articaine” – on the US market for the past three years (and tens of millions of injections).

Same exact medicine but better for your practice.

Here’s why…
Longevity – Orabloc has a 24 month shelf life, while other brands of Articaine only have an 18 month shelf life.
Safety – Orabloc cartridges are individually sealed in blister packs for minimal breakage and maximum handling safety
Cost – Orabloc is the same exact medicine $11 less (net).

So ask yourself “If offered a product that’s endorsed by Gordon Christensen, has a longer shelf life and an $11 lower price tag, what would you say?”

I’d say its a no brainer!

Get some today!

Now Buy 9 boxes get 1 free!
Net price of $35.955 each!
Free goods ship with order!

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