Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | April 22, 2013

Product of The Week – ZoneFree Temporary Cement – DUX Dental

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The Item:

ZoneFree Temporary Cement 4gm Automix Syringe plus 8 tips (526-27041) by DUX Dental. It’s the translucent non-eugenol cement that works beautifully in the anterior (front teeth) while still strong enough for the posterior (back).

The Deal:

Buy 2 Get 1 Free ! Goods ship with order!

The Breakdown:

ZoneFree 4Gm Syr (27041): $43.85 ea $29.23 Net Price!


The Links:


For purchase

The Video:


Why dentists love this cement:

Besides price, the #1 reason is esthetics; it’s beautiful and won’t change the shade of the temporary crown like Tempbond can.

Also, with Zone Free, you only need one temp cement for anterior and posterior UNLIKE those other cements where you really need two (reg. for posterior and clear for anterior).

Why assistants love it:

It cleans up easily, again, unlike Tempbond.
Bottom line:

Experience a new product that is simply better and a greater value than what you have now.

Competes with and blows away: Tempbond NE, RelyX Temp and Integrity TempGrip.

Sample Alerts!  Try the 2+1 deal. If you are not blown away, keep the free one and return the two for full credit!


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