Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | October 16, 2012

Introducing LeaderLight LED Light for Loupes or Eyeglasses!


LeaderLight LED Light for Loupes or Eyeglasses

This feather light LED light attaches to any loupe or eyeglasses and minimizes the need to adjust overhead lighting and aids immensely in providing adequate light, especially in the posterior!

– LED light is perfect not only for the doctor but for hygiene as well
– Extremely lightweight and durable – the LED weighs 6.1g (a nickel weighs 5g.) & Battery Pack weighs 98g – – Fully adjustable brightness with analog dial
– 8 hour battery – all day power – with battery level indicator to easily tell when battery is full, ¾, empty, etc. Battery clips onto belt and does not get in the way.
– Worry free – 2 year warranty on light, 1 year on battery
– Worry Free Trial Period with 90 day money back guarantee
– Free shipping back and forth on any warranty claim

For more info or to check out the testimonials please see:

LeaderLights have custom mounting brackets to fit the most common brands of loupes including Orascoptic, Q-Optics, Designs for Vision, Surgitel, and Sheervision. They’re the same brackets those companies use. Most frames require a simple screw-in design but some require special brackets that fit over the nose-bridge of the frames. Our brackets are made out of aluminum to make them tougher.
Please call 866-688-6415 ext 507 for help on selecting the bracket that best fits your loupe.

Now on sale for a very limited time!
MSRP: $1169.99

Now On Sale For: $599.00 !!

Check it out here!


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