Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | March 11, 2012

Deals of The Week – 03/12/2012 – 03/19/2012

Deals of The Week – 03/12/2012 – 03/19/2012

March Madness is here and we’re celebrating with blowout prices!

Check out all the Deals of The Week available this week on !

Root for your team and smile knowing you are winning this year by choosing to purchase your dental supplies online with Dealon Dental!

Embrace the madness and save!!

Bausch 40 Microns Extra-Thin Articulating Papers
Extra-Thin Booklet – Blue
MSRP: $16.95
On Sale For: $11.95
Durelon CD – Triple Liquid Syringes
MSRP: $111.99
On Sale For: $68.75
Embrace Wetbond Pit & Fissure Sealant
Embrace Pit & Fissure Kit – Off White
MSRP: $73.99
On Sale For: $62.95
Express STD Putty
MSRP: $142.49
On Sale For: $68.99
Impregum Penta Soft
Medium Body Refill
MSRP: $356.99
On Sale For: $195.00
MSRP: $108.99
On Sale For: $84.95
Ketac-Cem Maxicap/Aplicap
Aplicap Refill Pack
MSRP: $213.99
On Sale For: $104.95
Lime-Lite – Kit
MSRP: $40.99
On Sale For: $31.99
Luxacore Dual
 Automix Refill – Shade A3
MSRP: $181.99
On Sale For: $150.00
Lynal Tissue Conditioner
Complete Pack
MSRP: $216.99
On Sale For: $98.99
Maxcem Elite
Refill Package – Clear
MSRP: $131.50
On Sale For: $79.95
Optibond Solo Plus
Optibond Solo Plus Refill Bottle
MSRP: $134.99
On Sale For: $59.95
PUREVAC Evacuation System Cleaner
PUREVAC 5-Liter (167 oz) Bottle (167 treatments)
MSRP: $123.99
On Sale For: $89.95
RelyX Luting Plus
Refill Package
MSRP: $269.99
On Sale For: $126.99
Value Pack
MSRP: $264.95
On Sale For: $217.95

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