Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | December 7, 2011

Tooth Pain? Maybe It’s a Sinus Infection

dental supplierInterestingly enough, in certain circumstances there is a direct correlation between tooth pain and sinus infections. Sinus infections can be caused by several variants –an allergic reaction, an obstruction in the nasal passage, or another bodily infection, like an infected tooth actually. Studies have shown a correlation between the sinus infection and cavities, impacted wisdom teeth, and tooth or crown fractures.

Many people cannot even distinguish the pain between the two since the roots of your upper teeth are located near the maxillary sinus cavities.  How will you know if it’s the tooth giving you the problem? A dentist will perform a percussion test and it’s exactly what it sounds like. He’ll gently tap on each tooth to find out where the pain is located. If the pain is in all your teeth, that usually means it’s related to a sinus infection. If you don’t treat the sinus infection, they can quickly become a reoccurring problem. When left untreated, they will have an effect on your teeth. Treatment isn’t difficult though. Most methods include nasal drops, allergy medication, or antibiotics.

Always keep your dental hygiene products close at hand to keep your mouth happy and clean, But remember to treat the rest of your body with such precision and care! Check back next week for more great oral healthcare info from your favorite dental supply company.



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