Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | November 8, 2011

Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

dental supply companyThe toothbrush is the most important of all dental hygiene products, but it’s incredibly easy to make mistakes when picking out your toothbrush and in the techniques you use for brushing. Let’s go over some frequent mistakes that you need to quickly correct!

  1. Not using the right toothbrush. Seems pretty straightforward to pick one. However, most people forget to actually consider the size of their mouth. The top can’t be too wide and the handle needs to be comfortable as well. It doesn’t matter whether it’s manual or electric.
  2.  Choosing the wrong bristles. Pretty much every dentist recommends soft bristles. Hard bristles will wear away the gums and can damage teeth. Angles versus straight bristles, however, does not matter either. It’s all about technique.
  3. Not brushing often or long enough. Brushing three times a day is highly recommended, but you can get away with two. Everyone should be brushing his or her teeth for at least two minutes. Divide the mouth into quadrants and spend 30 seconds on each.
  4. Brushing too often or too hard. Brushing more than three times a day is actually not good. It can expose the root of the tooth and can erode tooth enamel.
  5. Not brushing correctly. Dentists recommend to aim the bristles at a 45-degree angle with short strokes. Brush up and down and not across the teeth and don’t forget to brush your tongue!

We’ll discuss some more mistakes about these dental hygiene products next week.

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