Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | October 24, 2011

Living with Tooth Sensitivity

dental supply companyAs many as 45 million Americans experience tooth sensitivity to some degree, myself included. Tooth sensitivity is defined as a tingly feeling or a small pinch of pain affecting some or all of your teeth. People can find themselves sensitive to hot and/or cold foods and drinks –which is characterized as an intermittent sensitivity rather than a constant one. Sometimes tooth sensitivity is mistaken for root damage.

Sensitivity can result from several factors including, wearing of the enamel, gum recession, brushing teeth too hard, certain dental treatments like teeth whitening and root canals, root nerve damage, and gum disease. Before you can figure out what dentist supplies can help solve the problem, the dentist needs to figure out the cause. If the problem does not require a restorative treatment, he might provide you with a protective coating, known as a desensitizer which is required for more severe cases. For those dentist supplies, you have to make a trip to the dentist to receive treatment.

If the sensitivity isn’t that bad, you might be okay with an over-the-counter  fluoride rinse, gel, or tooth paste.   Speak with your dentist immediately so you can start a treatment. Eating and drinking should not have to be an unpleasant experience!

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