Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | August 29, 2011

Tongue Piercings and Special Dental Supplies

dental supplierTongue piercings have been fashionable among rebellious teens for years now. One of my childhood friends recently got her tongue pierced. She resents negative opinions about it, but I recently discovered that her constant playing with it, by pressing it against her front teeth, can actually do serious damage.

Any dentist or dental supplier knows that pressure moves teeth. If my friend plays with the metal barbel in her tongue every day, eventually it can move her front teeth, which her parents already paid a lot of money to keep straight. That could result in paying for more dentist supplies down the line. Worse, tongue piercings have been associated with chipping, infection, hemorrhage and even brain abscess.

The same goes for lip piercings. If you know someone with one, suggest that they don’t play with it all the time. Tell them that doing so can lead to negative repercussions that won’t be satisfied by simple dental hygiene products and that they may have to use more serious dental supplies or a combination of orthodontic supplies and special dental hygiene products in the future.

Next time I see my friend and she starts playing with the metal barbel in her tongue, I’m going to tell her everything I’ve written here.


  1. I’d like to switch hyperlinks together with your website is this achievable?

    • Just curious, why you would like to switch hyperlinks with a dental supply company? Its not exactly in your line of products…or are we wrong?

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