Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | July 11, 2011

Ancient Dentist Supplies

Ancient Dentist SuppliesAncient dentist supplies must have been pretty crude. Apparently ancient dentists learned their art from bead makers and used bow drills. Holes drilled in teeth must have left patients in excruciating pain, which should make you feel a lot better about your next root canal and the modern dentist supplies used to do it. And get this, they believed that tooth worms caused dental decay. Ha! In the 14th through 17th centuries, dental extraction was the norm. It was the same idea as a doctor bleeding his patients with leeches. Something’s wrong with you? Must be an excess–of teeth!

By the nineteenth century dental hygiene products were slightly more sophisticated. Tongue scrapers were made of tortoise shell and ivory.  But dentistry was still not a specialty. It was often performed by barbers or general surgeons. In the 1840s the first dental school opened in Baltimore.

The trial and error of our predecessors over thousands of years  produced the dentist supplies we know and love today. It isn’t so bad to go to the dentist any more, especially when you regularly use dental hygiene products. For that you can thank the many poor people who had teeth extracted and painfully bored into. Makes your dentist seem pretty fair, doesn’t it?

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