Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | June 29, 2011

Deals of The Week – 06/27/11 – 07/04/11

Deals of The Week  06/27/1107/04/11

Celebrate Independence Day this 4th of July with freedom from high priced dental supplies!

There is no reason to spend more of your hard earned money on the exact same dental supplies by buying it from ‘the big guys”.

Declare your independence!

Save big on all your dental supply needs with our everyday low low prices at Typically you can save anywhere from 10% – 25% . 

To celebrate  your new found independence, we are offering you even greater savings with our Deals of The Week!

In fact on some items you can be saving over 60%!!!!! 

Check ’em out!

Dealon Extraoral Dental Duplicating Film
5×12 in – 100/Bx
MSRP: $205.30
On Sale For: $89.95
Dealon One Step Dentin/Enamel Bonding Adhesive
7ml bottle
MSRP: $47.99
On Sale For: $19.99
Dealon Triangular Dental Wedges
Deal of The Week – Small or Asst. – 500/Bx
MSRP: $39.99
On Sale For: $24.95
Triple Pack Liquid
MSRP: $102.99
On Sale For: $39.95
Gel Etchant
Refill Pack
MSRP: $46.75
On Sale For: $36.95
Kolorz Clearshield Varnish
MSRP: $51.99
On Sale For: $42.00
Lime-Lite – Kit
MSRP: $37.99
On Sale For: $28.95
Prime & Bond NT
Prime & Bond NT Refill Kit -2/Pk
MSRP: $267.99
On Sale For: $99.95
7ml. Bottle
MSRP: $35.95
On Sale For: $24.95
MSRP: $109.65
On Sale For: $69.99
RC Prep
MSRP: $38.79
On Sale For: $31.99
Stainless Steel Permanent Molar Complete Kit
MSRP: $631.99
On Sale For: $389.95
3ml Syringe
MSRP: $26.99
On Sale For: $21.49
Value Pack
MSRP: $257.95
On Sale For: $199.99
VLC Micro-Hybrid Composite
Deal of The Week -VLC Micro-Hybrid Refill Syringe – All Shades
MSRP: $34.95
On Sale For: $24.95


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