Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | June 14, 2011

Saliva and Dental Hygiene Products

Chewing gum doesn’t exactly count as part of the standard dental hygiene products but it can be very good for cleaning your teeth when a toothbrush and dental floss aren’t available. After meals plaque is at its worst. Even drinking a glass of water can help wash excess food particles away. The goal is to get saliva  to circulate through your mouth so any bacteria stuck between teeth is removed. If it’s cake and cotton candy you’ve been eating it’s even harder for your saliva to work against that sticky gunk. But chewing gum – the sugarless, dentist recommended kind – keeps the saliva moving and cleaning your teeth.

Many a dental supply company recommend gum. It is like mouthwash kind of, except you’re using your own spit to wash your mouth clean. Which isn’t as nasty as it sounds. Because your saliva has an enzyme in it that helps to wash your mouth, which is why during sleep, when saliva production drops to nearly zero, the plaque likes to party. Thus we brush our teeth and use the other dental hygiene products before bed.

Of course, you should be getting products used on your teeth that can’t be bought at the supermarket. A dental supplier has serious items that only your dentist has, and which allow for pristine oral health. And research shows that men with clean teeth have higher employment rates. Visit your dentist more frequently to see what I mean.

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