Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | May 23, 2011

The Value of Dentist Supplies

I arrived at the dentist after performing my morning routine with dental hygiene products. I sat in the blue reclining chair and talked with the hygienist and when she told me to open my mouth I closed my eyes and became sleepy. She cleaned all of my teeth. After she removed the tartar with her dentist supplies I asked her how it looked. Good, she said, pretty good, most of the tartar buildup was around the gumline of the back molars, but it was nothing unusual. Pay extra attention to that area when you brush and floss and you’ll be fine, she said. So no cavities, I asked. No cavities, she said.

I breathed a sigh of relief and the dentist came in and looked at my teeth and said some number I didn’t understand and that my teeth look good, I must take good care of them and I smiled and felt proud. He screened me for oral cancer too, and I felt good about the comprehensiveness of this check-up. He said he’ll see me in six months for my next checkup and sent me to the front desk.

I paid for my teeth to be cleaned a little more than I would’ve liked, since, you know, it’s out of pocket. But I have to be honest. It’s really important to have straight white clean teeth. And the value of paying a professional to scrape away with her dentist supplies all the gunk I can’t remove with my own dental hygiene products is priceless. Because I’m going to have a healthy mouth and teeth for years to come!

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