Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | May 5, 2011

The Rolence ‘ELiTEDENT Q4’ Cordless Pen Curing Light Solution!

Dealon Dental is proud to announce that we now feature the Rolence ELiTEDENT Q4 LED curing light into our product line!

With features like:

Broad wavelength 390~480nm (Halogen like), can cure both Camphorquinone (CQ) and Phenyl Propanedione (PPD) containing material.

– Light output minimum 1,200 – 1400 mW/cm²,

– 5 second curing with composite depth at 3 mm,

– 10mm diameter sterilizable curing tip for larger curing area affordable,

– Curing tip rotates 360∘for curing at any position of mouth,

– Versatile fiber optic curing tip optional,

– Digital timer display, multiple mode selection: boost and ramp up,

– Two button easy operation,

– Quiet operation, fan-free design,

– Rubber button waterproof handpiece from solution when cleaning up.

– Can be used both cordless and corded,

– Low battery warning; for urgent use, just insert power cord connector into handpiece,

– Rechargeable lithium battery inside, capable of 150 x 10 sec curing cycles prior to recharging,

– Slim and ergonomic handpiece for most comfortable hand holding, (weight 155g only)

Compare this to the competition!

Brand & Manufacturer Highest claimed output (mW/cm²) Multiple modes Curing area with typical light tip Used both corded and cordless Interchangeable and autoclavable light guides optional
ELiTEDENT Q-4 Rolence 1,200 (up to 1400)
YES 10mmX10mm YES YES
Elipar S103M ESPE 1,200 NO 8mmx8mm NO YES
Smartlite Max Dentsply 1,400 YES 10mmx6mm YES NO
DemiKerr 1,300 NO 8mmx8mm NO YES
Bluephase 20i Ivoclar Vivadent 2,000 YES 8mmx8mm YES YES
Translux PowerBlueHeraeus Kulzer 1,000 NO 8mmx8mm NO YES

All of the best features at a fraction of the price!!!

MSRP $965.00

Introductory price of $399.00 !

Check it out here


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