Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | April 25, 2011

Halitosis and Dental Supplies

If you suffer from halitosis you may feel embarrassed, shy, or downright ashamed. Whenever you’re in close contact with someone you don’t want to open your mouth any more than you have to, which can make you reserved. You may even be afraid to laugh because you don’t want that odor offending your friends. There are solutions involving dental supplies and dental hygiene products.

1.       Clean Your Tongue: Every day you should scrape your tongue. This is where a lot of bacteria winds up and it is a breeding ground for bad smells.

2.       Eat healthily: A breakfast with whole grains can help to clean the back of your tongue and remove excess mouth debris.

3.       Chewing Gum: A stale mouth is a smelly mouth. Chewing gum increases saliva flow and may help to improve bad breath. Fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, fresh parsley and mint can also help your breath smell better.

4.       Mouthwash: One of the most underrated dental hygiene products, a good mouthwash can lead to fresh breath for at least a couple of hours.

5.       The Other Dental Hygiene Products: Floss, toothbrush, toothpaste. Twice a day and you should be okay.

While halitosis, remains largely a mystery, these preventative measures may help you feel more comfortable with socializing and breathing easily.

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