Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | March 10, 2011

Reorganizing the Dentist’s Office

You avoid a dentist appointment for half a year. Then the time comes. You pick up the phone and can barely dial the number as your fingers shake, as if they’re trying to save you. The doctors assistant sounds a bit different. As if she’s smiling. Why is she smiling? You schedule the appointment for the next day. On that morning, you make sure not to drink coffee and don’t eat that chocolate croissant you usually have only to impress the lady at the corner cafe who listens to you cleverly say your order in a fake French accent. You only order bottled water. She doesn’t care and rings you up. Then it’s time. You open the door to the dentists office, and to your surprise it’s been renovated since you were last there. Suddenly, it’s not so intimidating. Among the dentist supplies, there’s a flat screen TV, with the morning news on. Newspapers on a new glass tables and games for children on a colorful table at the corner. On the front desk, some dental hygiene products, waiting for the doctor. It seems like there’s an entire section devoted to new dentist supplies. Even a new bathroom patients can use! This is going to be easier than you thought.

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