Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | March 3, 2011

Fight Bad Breath With Dental Hygiene Products and Determination

dental hygiene productsThere is nothing worse than that stale taste of bad breath. It happens after lunch, it happens when you wake. You try to wash it with water but it is momentarily gone before standing again. You chew gum until the flavor dries, expectorate. Brush your teeth, still it’s there. Floss, getting better. But something lurks, deep on the back of your tongue.

Brush deep to get it out. Gag uncomfortably and think you’re going to vomit but this is the true culprit of bad breath. Bacteria lurk in the darkness of your hind-palate. Try again, but dull the gag reflex with these tips.

  • Nose breathing.
  • Close left thumb in left hand over a tight fist.
  • Touch table salt to your tongue
  • Hum.

Learn to not gag. Softly touch your tongue with your toothbrush or other dental supplies. Brush right before where the gag reflex is triggered. Ten seconds or so will allow your body to get used to this discomfort. Soon you will be able to brush farther back. This can take a long time. Dental hygiene products like a tongue scraper can help to alleviate bad breath. Mouthwash works too. But your dentist supplies can’t help if you aren’t dedicated. Fight bad breath constantly to be ready for a kiss whenever.


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