Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | December 7, 2010

Latex Gloves Prices Going Higher

Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) has reached record high prices. Everyday the price seems to be higher than the day before and NRL has soared to nearly double the cost it was a year ago!  At this time it is very difficult for us to determine what 2011 will bring.

We had hoped to see some relief in the cost of raw materials by now, but just the opposite has occurred and we have no alternative other than to revise costs accordingly.

Unfortunately, as a result the prices for latex gloves will be going up this coming year. We will endeavor to keep our prices on gloves the lowest in the dental supply industry, but due to the economic realities we all face, our prices will reflect these higher manufacturing costs.

Come what may, you can be sure as always, that Dealon Dental’s  prices will be cheaper than the competition.

Stocking up right now on gloves before these price increase take effect may be your best bet to keep your costs down. Check us out online for lightly powdered or powder free latex gloves  &/or any of your other dental supply needs at www.!



  1. Maintain up the great work mate. This website article shows how well you comprehend and know this subject.

  2. I strategy on publishing this post all more than the web. Should certainly I give any credit/references back for you?

    • Thank you for following our blog! Give credit to where credit is due.

  3. The layout of the weblog is absolutely messed up when I look at it in Opera. Plz fix it.

    • The layout is a standard wordpress format. The theme of the blog is Ocean Mist by Ed Merritt. We will contact wordpress about the issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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