Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | November 1, 2010

Got Coffee Stains? Your Dental Supplier Can Help

dental supplierLast week we spoke about tea, this week let’s talk about coffee. I love this black beverage that moves me from groggy zombie in the morning to motor-jetted, ready to go speedster. But I’ve often heard that the blackness can stain your teeth, leaving you in dire need of dental hygiene products, if you’re a heavy user.

Here are some tips to reduce the staining power of this drink on your teeth.

Drink coffee at one or two sittings during the day instead of constantly sipping throughout. After you drink, brush your teeth and floss with your favorite dental hygiene products. With floss, you can remove the hard to scrape plaque around the edges of your teeth. If you can’t do this after every time you drink coffee, at least drink some water. Think about how your coffee cup looks after it’s empty: kind of brown with the pooling liquid at the bottom eventually drying and staining it. That’s also what happens in your mouth. Swish with water to rid the remaining coffee from your mouth. And also, when you’re sipping the dark beverage, don’t expose your teeth to it; just hold the beverage on your tongue and taste it,if you do this, your teeth won’t stain as easily.

If you need extra dental supplies, call your dental supplier, Dealon Dental.

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