Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | October 19, 2010

Dental Hygiene Products News: Alcohol-Based Mouthwash & Smoking

Some of the most commonly used household dental hygiene products on the market these days are alcohol-based mouthwashes. In addition, tobacco and alcohol use are extremely common. However, a recent study done by Melbourne University in Australia, shows that prolonged use of these alcohol-based mouthwashes can be linked to a heightened risk of oral-throat cancer, especially if you’re a heavy tobacco/alcohol user . Now that doesn’t mean that you should swear off Scope and Listerine, it’s just more evidence that cigarettes and alcohol are dangerous.

The study says that people who regularly use alcohol-based mouthwash are nine times more likely to develop oral-throat cancer if they smoke, and five-times more-likely to develop cancer if they are a drinker.

Why? Well as if cigarettes and alcohol weren’t bad enough, the alcohol in the mouthwash destroys the protective mucous shield in the mouth. This leaves the mouth vulnerable to all sorts of carcinogens. Furthermore, the ethanol in mouthwash is thought to help cancer-causing agents, i.e. nicotine, permeate the mouth lining.

Listerine maker Johnson & Johnson said it was “the most safe and extensively tested mouthwash in the world”. So the moral of the story is: don’t smoke, it’s just not worth the risk.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, you can get both alcohol and non-alcohol based mouthwashes at – the best place to buy all of your dental supplies online!




  1. So true! Smoking has no good benefits at all. Well, it may gratify your inner self but there would cause ruins and debris in your body, particularly in your teeth and mouth.

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