Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | September 21, 2010

Advancements in Dentist Supplies

I take my dental hygiene very seriously, which is why I always make sure I visit my dentist at least twice a year for well visits. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed gradual, yet sudden technological advances in dentist supplies, techniques and machinery that have really improved my overall dentist visits and dental health. For example, just a few years ago, many even as few as one or two years, my dental x-rays were taken using paper film bite-wings, but last month during my dental visit, my dentist used something new, what he called the XCP Evolution 2000 kit bite-wing holder that provides better results and comfort for patients. He even instantly showed me my x-rays on a computer program. It was truly amazing to see dentist supplies and computer programs working together to improve dental visits and health. Being a dental patient is no longer an uncomfortable and unfamiliar experience with the help of technological advancements in dentist supply design and manufacturing. Everything from crown and bridge products to finishing and polishing dentistry products has evolved with time, and for our benefit. What a dentist can do with the right dentist supplies and dental hygiene products these days is really astonishing.


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  2. It’s almost January and most people time for “New Year Resolution.” I have researched many places online and haven’t found
    much about “dentist New year Resolution.”(Funny!!) Just thinking of many ideas to get individuals who don’t see dentists on regular basis to invest some “times” and visit a local dentist. Your ideas will be appreciated. Thank you

    • We are actually in the process of putting together a program for dentists using a new teeth whitening series of products that will enable dentists to generate new customer leads by offering free teeth whitening for their patients. The dentist will be able to whiten the teeth in-office or send patients home with a take home kit.
      Dentists who sign up for this program will get free online advertising on online coupon sites like ‘Groupon’. Plus we will furnish the practice with customized patient pamphlets to read while waiting for their appointment. The Goupon coupons will bring many new people in the door, and the dentists will then be able to convert these walk-ins into regular satisfied customers! Its a win win for everyone involved! Stay tuned because we will be announcing this program shortly!

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