Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | August 23, 2010

Deals of The Week – 08/23/10 – 08/30/10

Deals of the Week – 08/23/10 – 08/30/10

Its that time of year again!

That’s right! Everyone across the nation are gearing up to go back to school! Teachers, students, parents and of course you- the dentists!

Everyone wants to look great coming in to the new school year and dentists are the ones everyone turns to to get their smiles looking their best.

Being able to provide your patients the best dental care possible without it costing an arm and a leg is the challenge that every practice is dealing with. You want to be able to have your handy work sparkle with every smile your customers take.

That’s where Dealon Dental comes in to help!

With our everyday low low prices on all your dental supply needs, on average our  customers are saving anywhere from 12% – 25% off of retail prices!!

That’s before we offer you even more savings with our Deals of The Week!

Check out the incredible savings being offered this week! With these savings of 20%, 30% and even 40% you can be sure that you too will have a reason to show off your sparkling smile!

Visit us online at www. or call us at 1-866-688-6415 to see what all of your peers are smiling about!

Dealon Dental – Giving Dentists a Reason to Smile!

Adper Prompt L-Pop Self-Etch Adhesive
Standard Refill Pack (40)
MSRP: $105.99
On Sale For: $82.99
Aquasil Ultra
Deal of The Week – All Types
MSRP: $103.99
On Sale For: $84.95
Brush & Bond
Brush & Bond Kit
MSRP: $143.75
On Sale For: $116.99
Clearfil SE Bond
Standard Kit
MSRP: $177.99
On Sale For: $99.00
Dealon – Extraoral Film – Blue Sensitive
15x30cm – 100/Bx
MSRP: $191.90
On Sale For: $79.95
Esthet-X HD High Definition Micro Matrix Restorative
Deal of The Week – Shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1
MSRP: $98.99
On Sale For: $62.95
GUM Soft-Picks
MSRP: $55.99
On Sale For: $47.50
NeoDiamond Burs
Deals of The Week – All Varieties
MSRP: $42.99
On Sale For: $34.99
Nupro Prophy Paste Mint Coarse
MSRP: $52.99
On Sale For: $42.50
Polybite Trays
Deals of The Week – All Sizes
MSRP: $21.99
On Sale For: $12.99
Polyjel NF
Standard Pack
MSRP: $81.99
On Sale For: $55.99
RelyX Luting Cement
Introductory Kit
MSRP: $133.99
On Sale For: $73.95
RelyX Unicem Aplicap
A2 Universal Shade Aplicap pk/50
MSRP: $273.99
On Sale For: $169.95
SensiTemp Resin
5ml Syringe Kit
MSRP: $39.99
On Sale For: $31.99
TempBond Original Tubes Package
MSRP: $68.99
On Sale For: $27.95

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