Posted by: ajaxblogger | July 26, 2010

More About Dealon Dental Deals

Listen, there is no denying we are in the middle of a true financial crisis. And as times get tough from a financial perspective, the best thing you can find is a refreshing approach to helping you and your practice save on all your dentist supplies needs.

That’s why Dealon Dental is pleasured to offer not just the dentist supplies deals of the week, but also dental deals of the day!

This past week, the deals included reduced prices on Expasyl, Chlorhexidine Gluconatem and even Kodak ULTRA – SPEED Dental Film, amongst others.

The Deal of the Day last Thursday was for Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid. Available in both 14g and 30g, either size includes a dispenser cap that guarantees accurate filling into syringes. This same unique design allows “for the single dip insertion of a microbrush through the Luer-lock cap,” with a triple-active formula that is designed for scaling, root planning, or a series of other procedures.

If the 30g bottle isn’t enough, Dealon Dental also offers a liquid kit which contains 20 Luer-lock syringes and 20 ga tips. And for those who prefer variety when it come to their Cetacaine, it’s also available in spray as well as gel form.

Truth is, had you been paying closer attention, it could have been yours for a fraction of the dental supplies wholesale price.

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