Posted by: ajaxblogger | July 12, 2010

Dental Hygiene For Kids

The main thing to remember is that the habits your child develops at a young age are likely to stick with him or her throughout their life. So by putting an emphasis on positive oral hygiene at a young age, you’re instilling a positive lesson to your child for the rest of their existence.

“They’re just baby teeth, they’re only temporary” is not only a poor excuse, it’s also blatantly incorrect. By getting your infant the proper dentist supplies, you’re helping them develop proper chewing and biting, as well as assisting with speech development. Not to mention overall self-esteem, something often quite fragile for the youngest members of society.

Children should use smaller toothbrushes, which makes sense, since their mouths (and teeth) are smaller. The “bigger-is-better” theory does not apply, because the head (of the brush, not the child) needs to be small enough that all sections of the mouth can be reached.

Because their teeth are more delicate, your child’s teeth prefer brushes with soft to medium bristles, preferably round-ended.

I’ve heard of people only switching toothbrushes annually. This is not nearly as often as you should, as the moment the bristles begin to lose shape they become vastly less effective. Look to switch your child’s brush the moment the bristles lose their bounce, which typically occurs every three-to-four months.

Talk to your dentist or dental hygienist about what dental hygiene products are right for your children.



  1. Their brushes should be soft and gum friendly. we should always check our child’s teeth.

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