Posted by: ajaxblogger | June 22, 2010

Surgical Dental Supplies Online

When it comes to surgical dentist supplies, Dealon Dental has all the supplies that dentists need to undertake safe and efficient surgical procedures. At Dealon Dental, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality surgical dressings, sutures, synthetic bone materials, scalpels and surgical blades all at the best possible prices, from leading brands such as Gelfoam, Coe-Pak, Myco, and Septodont.

Scalpels and Blades – Dealon Dental has a range of quality stainless steel scalpels and blades providing superior sharpness and sharpness retention. Disposable blades are individually wrapped and provide guaranteed sterilization.

Surgical Dressings – A range of surgical dressings are available to suit dentists’ needs, including dry socket dressing and paste, as well as dental sponges.

Sutures – Dealon Dental’s gut chromic sutures, gut plain sutures and silk braided sutures have sharp needles and strong construction for superior results.

Synthetic Bone Material – Synthetic bone grafting materials help to safely encourage new bone formation following extraction procedures and are safe and easy to use. Materials contain beta tri-calcium phosphate crystalline, which causes no local or systemic toxicity for patients.

For these surgical dental supplies online and more, at the best wholesale prices, visit Dealon today.

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