Posted by: ajaxblogger | June 14, 2010

Dental Supplies Wholesale: Infection Control

Dealon Dental has a wide range of the highest quality brand-name infection control dentist supplies, at the very best prices, to give dentists the confidence they need.  Infection control products range from barrier products, disposable air-water syringe tips, face masks, and handpiece cleaners and lubricants, to sterilization pouches, sterilization solutions, surface cleaners and disinfectants, and ultrasonic solutions. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular product categories.

Eyewear Glasses and Goggles – Glasses and goggles are lightweight, comfortable, disposable, and ergonomic, and easy to use, providing a safe barrier between infectious material and the eyes.

Face Masks – Face masks are available in two main styles: cone with headband or pleat style with earloops, to cater for dentists’ preferences.

Disposable A/W Syringe Tips – Disposal syringe tips are easy to change and make a syringe work like new every time. With disposal syringe tips, syringes require less maintenance and have fewer restoration failures.

Sterilization Solutions – A wide range of sterilization and disinfecting solutions are available, including Banicide Plus, Biocide G30, Cidex and Cidex Plus, and Procide D and Procide D Plus.

Barrier Products – A variety of barrier covers for dental surgeries are available, including plastic headrest covers, x-ray head sleeves, polycoated headrest covers, and barrier film.

For these and more infection control dental supplies wholesale, visit today.


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