Posted by: ajaxblogger | June 7, 2010

Preventative Dental Supplies Wholesale

Every dentist needs a comprehensive range of preventative dentist supplies to use both in the surgery and for patient education purposes – a routine checkup at the dentist wouldn’t be complete without a toothbrush and dental floss to take home. has the best quality preventative dental supplies wholesale, at the best prices. Let’s take a look at a few preventatives.

Dental Floss – Dental floss products include BridgeAid floss threaders, which are specially designed for patients with braces and other orthodontic appliances and implants.

Fluorides, Fluoride Varnishes and Fluoride Trays – Fluoride products include Perfect Choice One-Minute APF Fluoride Gels, and Topex 60 Second Fluoride Gel. Varnishes are also available.

Dappen Dishes – Plastic disposable dappen dishes, used to hold fluorides, acrylics, prophy pastes, and chloroform, are available in an assorted range of colors.

Oral Rinses/Mouthwashes – Choose from Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Listerine Mouthwash, and Mouthwash Concentrate.

Oral Cleaning Aids – Cleaning aids include GUM Soft-Picks, GUM Stimulators, and Tongue Cleaners to keep mouths hygienic.

Prophy Paste – Dealon Dental has a wide variety of prophy pastes, which is designed to break down as it cleans. Types include Clinpro, Enamel Pro, Glitter, Nupro, Pumice Preppies, and Sulta Topex.

Prophy Angles, Cups and Brushes – Use prophy cups, brushes and angles for cleaning and polishing. Angles are low-noise, low-splatter, and latex-free for sensitive patients.

Fit and Fissure Sealants – Dealon Dental has a range of easy-to-apply sealants, including Clinpro Sealant, Embrace Wetbond Pit & Fissure Sealant, Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips, Pulpdent Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips, and Teethmate F-1.

Ultrasonic Insert – Ultrasonic insert dentist supplies achieve efficient scaling while ensuring maximum comfort for the patient. A range of tip designs and handles are available to suit dentists’ personal preferences.


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