Posted by: ajaxblogger | May 3, 2010

Dental Supplies: Crown and Bridge Products

Dealon Dental offers a wide range of crown and bridge dental supplies online, including crowns and crown forms, core materials, temporary crown and bridge materials, and crown and bridge accessories, all from leading dental brand names at the lowest prices. Let’s go over some of the different crown and bridge product categories.

Crown and Crown Forms – Crown and crown forms can be purchased as individual sets or as part of a complete crown kit. Crowns include Polycarbonate Adult Anterior Crowns, Gold Anodized Temporary Crowns, Unitek Stainless Steel Permanent Molar Crowns, Iso-Form Temporary 2nd Molar Crowns, and Unitek Stainless Steel Permanent Bicuspid Crowns.

Core Materials – Core crown and bridge materials include Absolute Dentin, Clearfil Core, Clearfil DC Core Automix, Clearfil Photo Core, Ketac-Silver Aplicap, Ketac-Silver Maxicap, Luxacore Dual, Clearfil DC Core Automix Kit – White Shade, and Ti-Core Build-Up Material.

Temporary Crown and Bridge Products – Temporary crown and bridge products include Integrity TempGrip, Integrity Temporary C&B Material, Luxatemp Automix Plus, and Luxatemp Fluorescence.

Crown and Bridge Accessories – A range of crown and bridge accessories are also available, including mixing tips.

For these crown and bridge dental supplies and more, visit today.

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