Posted by: ajaxblogger | April 28, 2010

The Best Whitening Dentist Supplies For Less

Offer your patients the best take-home whitening system on the market with Perfecta’s carbamide peroxide-based treatment. Matching a patient’s bleaching needs with the right strength gel is essential to providing optimal results—and winning smiles. With whitening dentist supplies offered in three professional strengths, patients’ teeth will never look suspiciously white or under-serviced. Dealon Dental offers solutions to every whitening need.

Moderate Stains: Teens, young adults and patients with yellow extrinsic stains or patients with a history of thermal sensitivity.
Solution: Choose the starter gel in the Perfecta Trio system, an 11% carbamide peroxide treatment.

Severe Stains: Heavy smokers, coffee and red-wine drinkers as well as patients suffering from light tetracycline stains—and generally for those without a history of thermal sensitivity.
Solution: Recommend a 16% carbamide peroxide treatment gel, Perfecta’s extra-strength whitener.

Tetracycline Stains: Patients with extreme discoloration caused by tetracycline stains and fluorosis. The strongest available professional teeth whitener available.
Solution: A Herculean, 21% dose of carbamide peroxide treatment gel. Recommended only for extreme cases and patients without a history of thermal sensitivity.

For other take-home whitening dentist supplies at the best value, visit Dealon Dental.

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