Posted by: ajaxblogger | April 1, 2010

Save Big on ExtraOral Film from Your Dental Supplier!

dental supplier

Dealon ExtraOral Film

If you’re shopping for dental supplies online, you’re going to have to look for both IntraOral and ExtraOral film. Last week, we covered IntraOral film, which is scanned inside the patient’s mouth for optimum detail on individual teeth. IntraOral X-rays can help dentists detect developing cavities before they are even externally visible.

Now, it’s time to talk about ExtraOral film, an external tool dentists use to get “big picture” x-rays. This is useful for checking for jaw problems, impacted teeth, or fractures along the bones of the face.

Just like with IntraOral film, you can save big on ExtraOral film when you order from We carry 100-packs of Dealon ExtraOral Film, which provides a better deal than KODAK’s 50-packs without losing any quality. Both brands are ideal for panoramic, TMJ, and cephalometric scans and are available both blue and green sensitive – but with Dealon film, the costs are much lower!

For example, a 100-pack of 5-by-12-inch green sensitive film is only $89.95 from Dealon. You’d have to buy two $55 50-packs from KODAK to match that quantity! Of course, if you do prefer KODAK, we sell that as well, and at dental supplier prices below the MSRP.

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