Posted by: ajaxblogger | March 15, 2010

Dental Supplies Wholesale: Permanent & Temporary Crowns

Dealon Polycarbonate Crown Kit

No dental supply company could be complete without a large selection of crowns. Whether needed for cosmetic, restorative, or protective purposes, crowns are some of the most commonly used dentist supplies. Read on for a rundown of the different types of casings.

Gold Anodized Temporary Crowns: These crowns combine the durability of aluminum with the gentleness of gold, which reduces metallic taste and risk of galvanic shock from adjacent casings. Recommended for short-term placement in adults.

Iso-Form Temporary Crowns: Similar to gold crowns, these metallic casings made of a tin-silver alloy are generally more affordable.

Stainless Steel Crowns: Ideal for adults and children in need of short- or long-term casing, stainless steel crowns are simple to install, as they come already trimmed, belled, and crimped. They are also extremely durable.

Polycarbonate Crowns: Built out of polycarbonate resin featuring microglass fibers, these crowns are suited for both short- and longer-term use. They are produced in the natural-looking universal shade no. 62, but can be made darker or lighter in the office to better match a patient’s teeth.

Keep in mind that metal crowns are usually recommended for posterior placement only, so that they will not be easily visible. Alternatively, polycarbonate crowns can blend right in and can be purchased in handy kits complete with mold guides (pictured above).

Whether you prefer metal, polycarbonate, or both, you can order crowns at fantastic discounts at, your favorite dental supplies wholesale distributor!



  1. You can mount the foam in small squares, rectangles or full sheets, using permanent or temporary methods. Wholesale Distributors

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