Posted by: ajaxblogger | March 8, 2010

Diamond Dental Supplies Online are a Dentist’s Best Friend

Galil Diamond Burs

Even if you are shopping for dentist supplies, there’s something exciting about buying diamonds online. It makes you think of luxury, elegance, precision, and strength. And with Galil Diamond Burs, you have even more reason to get excited.

Galil Diamond Burs are at the top of their class. These burs excelled in lab testing, surpassing the competition in both speed and longevity while cutting the substance MACOR, a combination of porcelain and glass. Galil burs are also color coded by thickness, making it easy to tell them apart. In a study by the dental testing facility CRA, Galil burs won out over their brand name competitors, tying for first place with Premier burs, which are significantly more expensive.

Some diamond burs sell for over $10 per instrument, however Galil burs offer affordability as well as quality. Of course, the prices get even better when you shop for wholesale dental supplies. Right now, you can order a pack of 10 Galil diamond burs at for only $32.95 — that’s less than $3.50 per bur!

Dealon Dental stocks carbide burs as well, including Midwest Type burs, which are likewise available at fantastic discounts. You can buy these dental supplies online in packs of 10 for $11.50 ($1.15 per bur), or score even greater savings with 100 packs priced at $93.50 (less than $0.94 per bur).


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