Posted by: ajaxblogger | February 23, 2010

It’s Flu Season: Stock Up on Dental Supplies for Infection Control!

Being that its flu season, I always like to have extra dentist supplies for infection control on hand this time of year. Dentist offices are prime breeding ground for all kinds of germs. So for me and any good dentist, it’s extremely important to keep patients, my staff, and myself free of all and any harmful microorganisms.

My disinfectant solution of choice is Banacide Plus which fights spores, viruses, bacteria, fungus and other microbes. It works great for disinfecting instruments, plastics, and impressions. Banacide is pretty pricey when you buy it from a regular vendor, especially if you’re looking to buy in bulk like I do. But has it at a fantastic price.

I also like to stock up on surface wipes. Surface wipes are a really handy way and quick way for staff to clean up an area and make it sterile for the next patient. I like Sani-Cloth Plus, and of course, has them at unbeatable prices. With the money I saved on the Banacide and Sani-Cloths, I was able to stock up on even more dentist supplies like gloves, instrument covers, headrest, and tray covers.

Buying dental supplies wholesale is the best idea I’ve ever had. Now I can rest assured that my office is sterile this flu season thanks to


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