Posted by: Dealon Dental - A DC Dental Company | March 17, 2009

Deals of The Week 03/16/09 – 03/22/09

Dealon Dental Supply

Deals of the Week 03/16/09 – 03/22/09

Check out the amazing deals being offered this week!

Call us during regular business hours 1-866-688-6415 or visit us online at

Cavit G

28gm. Jar

Regular Price: $14.25
On Sale For: $12.25
Chlorhexadine Gluconate
Regular Price: $5.45
On Sale For: $4.95
Regular Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $72.50
Enhance Finishing Discs, Cups, & Points
Regular Price: $36.99
On Sale For: $34.95
Flow Silver D Dental Film

DV58 Value Pack

Regular Price: $39.95
On Sale For: $37.95
Regular Price: $113.99
On Sale For: $89.95
Impregum F

Double Pack

Regular Price: $87.00
On Sale For: $74.95
IRM Ivory

Complete Kit

Regular Price: $36.95
On Sale For: $26.95
Ketac-Cem Radiopaque

Triple Pack

Regular Price: $179.50
On Sale For: $119.50
Kimberly-Clark Fluidshield Procedure Masks, Orange
Regular Price: $14.49
On Sale For: $9.95
Kimberly-Clark Procedure Masks, Pleat-Style w/Earloops, Blue
Regular Price: $9.95
On Sale For: $7.95
Monoject Curved Tip Syringe
Regular Price: $24.99
On Sale For: $21.95
Sani-Cloth Plus

160 ct.

Regular Price: $6.95
On Sale For: $5.95
Tytin Self-Activating Amalgam Capsules

Double Spill Reg. Set

Regular Price: $595.00
On Sale For: $469.95
VibraKleen E2
Regular Price: $59.05
On Sale For: $47.95

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